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Filter thousands of properties and receive only ones that match your preferences.
Biggest selection of properties
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Ask questions, calculate monthly costs for utilities, and request viewings. We will attend the viewing on your behalf and take a detailed video.
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Request to rent the apartment online and if you're selected, complete the contract process digitally.
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100s of happy expats

Since 2021 we delivered an exceptional service to 750+ expats and helped them with all challenges of relocation.

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  • Service is an innovative fusion of bots (monitoring rental offers), personalised filters, well organised processes and a very friendly team that you can trust will represent your interests well.

    Dr. Andreas Györy
  • We were able to see new properties via the website and choosing the one we liked for the viewing, the whole process is well thought and easy to use.

    Aleksandr Prokhorov
  • We had a great experience with Relocify not once but twice. Even in such challenging times of finding an apartment they make the whole process a lot easier and stress free.

    Amir Parkar


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Pay per viewing and save money or go for an all-inclusive package and enjoy the perks.

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Most affordable option.

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Unlimited viewings, pre-market offers, priority support and many other perks.

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